Kirigami Notation App

And here I am writing on the blog after a long time.
This time it’s about talking about my new project, becoming a developer!
Unfortunately I can not study full time (in fact you see the results), however, I am to show you the “results” of my study.
Thanks to the Kirigami module developed by Marco Martin and the ease of QtQuick here is my first application, that is, the Alpha version. The application for now is called “Notation”, but I will definitely make a vote for the names (suggest the names in the comments below).


I leave you with a brief video about the current state of the application.


Stay tuned for the update and the release 🙂


New Emoji and… busy time!!


Really busy time….
I really miss the time I spent on Inkscape. I hope I can find some time to go back to drawing.

p.s. do you like this emoji? 🙂


Cry Emoji

WikiToLearn – Blender & Inkscape manual

Hello everyone, today I want to talk about the project that I started to WikiToLearn. Last week I created with the boys from PCDonato a “Blender & Inkscape Café” where we teach for free to anyone who wants to learn how to use these two graphics programs, or we share tips and tricks with us “experts.” The only thing we ask in return (for those who want) is to contribute to the drafting of a manual for Blender and one of Inkscape in English, so other people can collaborate.
We meet every Wednesday in Pisa, tonight will be the second meeting … I hope within one month starting with at least one manual.
Whoever wants to participate in the drafts … well, we’re on WikiToLearn 😉

Ciao BiNbi

flyer made by one girl of our group “CreAttivi” (Elisa Amato)

How I’ve done these emoticons

Hello to all, I want to explain the process that led me to create the Konqui emoticons.
I started from the original design of Tyson Tan and I created the first facial expressions based on the various emotions in order to have a basis on which to start (and maybe use for future designs). From these drawings I created a package stickers Telegram.


The next step was to create the basis to do real emoji, so I tried to draw Konqui from the front. This was the result:

Cute!!! But the eyes are too alien!  So I rounded eyes a little more .. but the result was a bit strange.









Then I fixed my eyes more centrally and the result was this:125
In my opinion the result is very pleasing. The next challenge was to create the various expressions .. after a few weeks of work .. here is the result:
Stay tuned!
Ciao BiNbi! (it mean hi boy)