How I’ve done these emoticons

Hello to all, I want to explain the process that led me to create the Konqui emoticons.
I started from the original design of Tyson Tan and I created the first facial expressions based on the various emotions in order to have a basis on which to start (and maybe use for future designs). From these drawings I created a package stickers Telegram.


The next step was to create the basis to do real emoji, so I tried to draw Konqui from the front. This was the result:

Cute!!! But the eyes are too alien!  So I rounded eyes a little more .. but the result was a bit strange.









Then I fixed my eyes more centrally and the result was this:125
In my opinion the result is very pleasing. The next challenge was to create the various expressions .. after a few weeks of work .. here is the result:
Stay tuned!
Ciao BiNbi! (it mean hi boy)