A game… with no name!

Hello to everyone!
Today I want to tell you about a project. A board game inspired by “Krosmaster Arena” but set in the FOSS world. It will be completely open source, and there will be contests to add new characters.
One of the first characters will Konqi (see the card below). This game will have of playing cards and a board. Each board will have a different setting, and boxes that will slow down the movements or that will increase the defense.
g9651                                            (Konqi card game -It’s only a draft)

Ideas of implementation
Like the original “Krosmaster Arena” it would be nice if our game had a party game, with an online leaderboard to see who is the strongest, who has played for several hours, etc … divided by Global, weekly and daily ..
if you like the game and there will be many players we could do online tournament.
We will create (with the help of experts of Blender) 3D files for 3D printing of the characters and share them with you, so you can print them from you.

Draft Rules set
This is a very rough draft rules set



The team will consist of a number of characters based on their SP ( Strength Points ) max 5 .
The maximum number of SP for each team may not exceed 10 (ex. “4+3+2+1” or “4+4+2”) .

The character with the most SP goes first and will be the master

Roll the dice, the highest start first

You can play up to 4 player, the highest start first, than the other start in counterwise clock order

Game turn

  • Roll the dice, the face are
    – Bonus (you can use when you want)
    – Malus (you must use immediately)
    – Sorcery (you can use when you want)
    – Money (you roll the dice with number to choose how many money you can take)
    – Nothing (you start to play)
  • Choose if use money, bonus, sorchery
  • Move the character
  • attack
  • Move the character (if some move point are on)
  • Pass to other character


You can use money to buy Bonus or Sorcery or risk draw a “?” card (where you can find powerful bonuses or powerful Maluses )

Some characters can move in all directions, some only on cross direction.

All characters can use the punch, according to the number of dice that can be used.
Attack : The attacker rolls a number of dice equal to the number that appears on the card
Defense : The defender rolls a number of dice equal to the number that appears on the card .
Each player’s highest dice is compared, as is their second-highest die (if both players roll more than one). In each comparison, the highest number wins. The defender wins in the event of a tie.

Some Bonus example

  • +1 HP
  • +1 MP (1 turn)
  • +2 HP
  • +2 MP (1 turn)

Some Malus example (you need to choose one of your characters to put the malus on)

– Roll the dice, if you have less of … you can’t fight
– Roll the dice, if you have less of … you can’t move
– You can’t defend yourself
– You can’t attack

Do you like it? Do you have any suggestions? Want to help?
Here’s how:
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Hangout: (search AndreaDelSarto88 on G+)
e-mail: delsadj at gmail . com